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If you are a resident of Carrollton, TX, extremely high summer temperatures are nothing new to you. Temperatures in Carrollton, TX and surrounding areas can reach as high as 110 degrees when a heat wave comes through, making it a challenge to keep cool. As Texas residents know, it is of utmost importance that you keep your AC unit maintained so that it stays strong during these heat waves and warm during the cooler winter months. By taking advantage of regular heating and AC repair in Carrollton, TX, you can keep your AC unit running smoothly through the summer heat.

However, even with a properly functioning HVAC unit, you can still experience days that are not to your ideal comfort. When you find yourself struggling to beat the heat, try these 3 tips to cool down a few extra degrees.

Place Buckets of Ice in Front of Your Indoor Fans

Having good airflow can bring the real-feel temperatures in your home down just the extra degree or two that you need in order to feel comfortable. By placing buckets of ice in front of your fans, you are creating colder air for the fans to blow around the inside of your home. The ice should last a few hours as it is not in direct heat, and the air from the fan will help to keep it cooler for longer as well. Of course, if you are not running your air conditioning unit or your unit has bogged down as a result of not maintaining proper AC repair in Carrollton, TX, the ice may melt faster and require more.

Always Keep Water on Hand

If you have been outside during the high temperature months, it usually takes a few minutes for your body to cool back down to a resting temperature. This can be the case even when entering a home that has been cooled with air conditioning. It is a best practice to always keep water on hand for yourself, your pets, and anyone else living in your home. The cold air that your AC unit puts out will inevitably cool you down, but you will cool faster as you rehydrate your body.

Soak Your Feet in Cold Water

The first two tips will give you the added cool you need to reach your ideal comfort level when your home is already cooled with a maintained AC unit in Carrollton, Texas. For residents that have found themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of not having air conditioning due to a lack of AC repair, you need more intense measures to keep cool in the unbearable heat. When you have found yourself in a hot house due to an AC crash, try soaking your feet in cold water. Depending on how brave you are, you can even add ice to the water for a faster cool-down. When our feet are cool, the rest of our body soon follows. If your feet remain hot, the rest of your body remains hot, so a quick cold soak will do wonders for cooling your body temperature quickly.

As always, the number one tip for staying cool during the hot summer months is to make sure that you are having your AC unit properly maintained through AC repair in Carrollton, Texas.

There are numerous benefits to repairing your air conditioner, and they are even more important during the summer months. If you happen to catch any noticeable problems with your air conditioner before the hot summer days have arrived, you’ll have a much more enjoyable summer. If you’re not sure whether or not you need to fix your AC system, contact us today and ask about AC repair. Carrollton, TX is one of the many locations around Dallas, TX that we proudly serve with all our air conditioning and HVAC services.

Regulate Temperatures to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

When you’re using a broken or non-efficient air conditioning system, the airflow is likely not very cool or only pushes out air at room temperature. When the hottest summer days arrive, you’ll have to deal with almost the same heat as the outdoors.

Fixing your air conditioning can resume the HVAC system’s ability to regulate temperatures in your home or office. The ability to regulate the temperature throughout the space will allow you to avoid heat exhaustion from the hot Texas heat.

Improves Levels of Comfort

Fixing your air conditioner, on top of being able to combat heat exhaustion, will allow you, your family, or your employees to enjoy an improved level of comfort throughout all hours of the day. When the days get hotter, having an air conditioning system will allow you to easily reduce the average temperature throughout the home or office to more acceptable and comfortable levels.

The levels of humidity throughout the home or office can also play a huge part in the level of comfort that your family or business will experience. By lowering the temperature of the air and running the airflow through the air conditioning system, you’ll be able to drastically reduce the humidity from the air, especially after a rainfall.

Increases Productivity

When temperatures are reduced to more acceptable and comfortable levels, productivity throughout the home or office often improves. When employees are no longer trying to stay cool and are not constantly reminded about how hot it is, they can focus on work without trying to find ways to keep themselves cool.

Reduces Allergens in the Air by Improving Air Quality

Air conditioning systems are not only great at regulating temperatures and improving overall comfort, but they are also crucial for improving air quality and reducing the amount of allergens, dirt, and dust flowing through the air. There are many ways to improve the quality of your air through your air conditioning system, such as cleaning or replacing air filters or having us do a thorough AC repair.

If you are looking for ways to improve levels of comfort during the summer and make the air cleaner, give us a call today at Comfort Experts, Inc. We specialize in HVAC services in and around Carrollton, TX.

If you’re not sure about the state of your air conditioner or don’t know when the last time you had it serviced, give us a call about AC repair. Carrollton, TX is one of our popular areas of service around Dallas and we will be happy to help you with all of your air conditioning needs.

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