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A leak needs to be inspected carefully. Any liquid you see in or around your heating or AC units shouldn’t be ignored. It may be water or refrigerant, it could be condensation from normal use, or it could be a problem with the system. If this is an issue you are facing and you are in Colleyville, TX, AC repair and heating repair should be taken care of by a local AC repair company, like Comfort Experts. Here are a few things

Leaking Refrigerant?

Your air conditioning unit should never be low on refrigerant. It is a closed system, which means the refrigerant is passed through the system constantly and never runs down or becomes ‘used up’. If your refrigerant is low – either your air conditioner wasn’t set up properly or you have a leak.

If you know your air conditioner had sufficient refrigerant when you’ve used it previously, then you most likely have a leak. You should never attempt to replace or clean up and dispose of refrigerant yourself. The refrigerant used in air conditioning systems is a pollutant and should be handled by a qualified AC repair technician.

If your AC and heating repair tech simply tops up your refrigerant and a leak is the problem, then it will leak again. He or she needs to thoroughly inspect the system to identify the leak, which is what we will do when you call us. A quality AC repair tech will check multiple areas of your unit to identify the source of the leak or other issue.

Leaking Water?

There are a number of reasons why water could be coming from your air conditioning unit. Many can be prevented during a regular service, but if you haven’t had your system serviced recently, there are number of things that could be causing the leak.

  1. You may have a blocked or disconnected drain line which is causing water to be retained in the system. Drain lines become blocked with dirt and algae over time. They are normally cleaned during a service to prevent this happening. A drain line may become disconnected, either through normal use or because it wasn’t installed properly. As with all parts, nothing lasts forever, and it may be the drain pipe just needs sealing again.
  1. Your refrigerant charge may be low. If you have a refrigerant leak, it can cause water to come out of your air conditioner. When your air conditioner is on and is low on refrigerant, it causes the unit to freeze. When the unit isn’t running, the ice melts causing water to pool around your unit.
  1. Your duct work may not be insulated properly, which can cause condensation. If cold air is being pushed through your duct work, and the environment outside the duct is a higher temperature, the cold air will be warmed and condensation will form.

Subtle Signs You Need AC Repair

  1. Unusual smells - Since your AC creates quite a bit of condensation that can lead to mold, mildew and algae growth in your evaporator coil and ductwork if you smell a musty smell or a smell like dirty socks it’s important to get your ac unit checked out by our professional AC repair technicians. A burning smell or hot electrical smell may mean that your blower motor or another component is over heating. It’s important to turn your unit off and call us!
  2. Changes in noise level - If you notice anything new in how your ac sounds it’s important to get your unit checked out to make sure that everything is working correctly and a problem doesn’t get worse.
  3. Less airflow - If you’re ductwork separates in the attic or under the house, you may notice decreased airflow and it’s time to get our Colleyville AC repair experts out to take a look.
  4. Ice - There are a few reasons that your inside ac may freeze up. From a clogged air filter- (it’s a great idea to keep your air filter changed every 4 to 6 weeks), to a unit that’s low on refrigerant, or a blower motor that’s failing. If you notice your unit is frozen turn the ac off, turn your fan to on and call your Colleyville AC Experts!
  5. Utility bills on the rise - If you’re electric bill is on the rise compared to last year but you haven’t changed anything in the house, it could be that your ac isn’t operating at 100% and you should call in our AC repair experts!If you're ac is over 10 years of age, steadily increasing utility costs can also be an indicator that it's time to look at replacement.

Don’t Ignore Unusual Pooling of Liquid!

If you have used your air conditioning system with no problems and suddenly find liquid that is pooling near the unit, don’t ignore it! Even if it is just water, it could be a symptom of a bigger problem. You can take steps to prevent the most common problems by servicing your air conditioning annually.

Contact our Colleyville AC repair team today by calling (817) 587-8859 or using our online form to schedule your service.

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